Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rabindra Mala at AlphaMax Academy on Thrursday May 7th.

An Evening of
Rabindranath Tagore’s
Poetry with Music & Dance

Date: THURSDAY, May 7th, 2015
Time:   7.00 – 8.00 p.m. (1900 – 2000 hrs)
Place:   AlphaMax Academy
Stanvastestraat 18-24 (Zorg en hoop)

AlphaMax Academy
in collaboration with
Indian Cultural Center
Embassy of India

AlphaMax Academy wins English Spelling Bee for third time.

AlphaMax Academy 
won the first prize for Suriname English language schools or the third time in succession in the English Spelling Bee Contest. The contest was held on Saturday 18th August in the Congreshal in Paramaribo.This also means that the Academy is now the proud owner of the challenge trophy!
Photo: de Ware Tijd

There also was an English Spelling Bee contest for schools in which Dutch is the medium of instruction.

 In a separate round in this year's contest students had to give the meaning of English words.

“By going bigger, we want to realize a long-term goal, which is participating in the foreign Spelling Bee”, says Ms. Monique Brown, director of Stichting Leren voor een goede toekomst (Foundation of Learning for a good future). (Quote from article in de Ware Tijd Daily 20 April, 2015.)

One of the goals of the organization is promoting English language education in schools. She said that she was surprised that the children were so good.

This year AlphaMax Academy was the only participant in the category of schools in which English is the medium of instruction. Other English Language schools did not participate for a variety of reasons.

Since AlphaMax was the only school contestant,  AlphaMax students had to compete with each other. The overall winner was Archana Mangal. In second place was Joanna Daher and Sheetal Anroedh came  third . They got prizes; Archana Mangal got a trophy to keep and a laptop.

Archana Mangal said: “I not only wanted to participate but to broaden my knowledge, I also wanted to prove myself. And it is very important to be able to communicate in the English language.”

The students were prepared by AlphaMax Academy English instructors Kawita Thani,  Sharon Hoppie, Simone Griffith and  Cheryylyn Cambridge .

Carinlangs students -Kawita Thani,Vishal Ramjiawan and Gina Persaud were members of the jury  AlphaMax put  a lot of effort into preparing its students and helping to to organize the contest.

AlphaMax, and Archana, Joanna, Sheetal in particular, Congratulations!
 Source:  de Ware Tijd
Mr. Atma Jagbandhan,

Science instructor -AlphaMax Academy

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AlphamAx Academy students in English Speeling Bee Competition

AlphaMax Academy students will be participating in the Spelling Bee Competition at 5pm on Saturday 18th April, 2015, at Congreshal.
Tamia Hoppie 2014 Champion Queen Bee

Lower Level:      Jonathan Persaud
                            Ava Hussain

Middle Level:     Isabella Sughrue
                            Shemaiah Johnson
                            Sheetal Anroedh
                            Sheray Sporkslede

                            Joanna Daher
                            Archana Mangal

                            Chevay Despo
                           Alonzo Ferdinand

High School:       Kevin Loh
                            Adrian Persaud
AlphaMax Academy 2014 speeling bee team members.

IELTS Examination on 23-25 April

The IELTS Examination will take place at the AlphaMax Academy from April 23 to 25.

The IELTS  session is scheduled as follows:

-       23rd April –
                   IELTS speaking at 2:30 p.m. to 5:10 p.m. approx. (8 candidates)

-       24th April – IELTS speaking from 9 a.m. to 12 m (8 candidates)

      IELTS speaking from 1:30 p.m. to 4:50 p.m. (9 candidates)

-       25th April – IELTS written session from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (25 candidates) All candidates must show up at 12 noon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PTA Meetings and Long Weekend Break

Parent-Teachers’ Meetings:

There has been a change of the scheduled dates for the Long Week-End Break & the PTA Meetings this term due to Thursday, 19th February (Chinese New Year) being declared a public holiday by the Government.

Parents you are therefore, cordially invited to attend the PTA meeting on the respective dates stated below. We look forward to your presence and active participation.

Tuesday, 17th February at 6.00 pm - Lower and Middle school.

Tuesday, 24th February at 6.00 pm - High school and GAC.

Long Weekend Break:

To coincide with the Chinese New Year National holiday on Thursday 19th, we will have our long weekend break on Friday 20th February to Sunday 22nd February.

NOTE:  School resumes on Monday, 23rd February, 2015.

Assembly at AlphaMax Academy

Alphamax Academy is one of the few schools in Suriname which has an Assembly every day. When I came to this school in 2014 I found Assembly unusual because in my last school we didn't have Assembly.
AlphaMax students, teachers and distinguished guests

I was told that the purpose of Assembly at Alphamax was to get the students together, so that they could focus their thoughts and feelings on positive ideals. The school wanted students to concentrate on the purpose of schoolwork and to approach the day's  activities in a organized fashion.

Every morning in Alphamax Academy all students gather  in the Assembly hall. Assembly begins at 7:15 am and usually takes about 15 minutes. We begin with two prayers. Then we sing a hymn, say an Affirmation and also sing another hymn. The Affirmation that we say at Assembly is also said at the end of our school day.
Winning AlphaMax Spelling Bee team 2014

Sometimes the director of the deputy director speaks to us about something important, or some topic to inspire us. He also makes announcements. On Mondays and Fridays, we also sing the national anthem before Assembly is dismissed. At Christmas time we sing Christmas songs instead of the usual hymns.

Being at Assembly has helped me to appreciate the importance of silence, the value of singing and the power of affirmations. 

Nomi Vriesde
Grade 9 -AlphaMax Academy

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Carinlangs Director Dr. Morroy on STVS tonight Sunday January 24th at 7.30 pm

Dr. Morroy, Dean/Director of Varinlangs will be on STVS tonight on the program "In the Spotlight".

Carinlangs and University of Guyana sign MOU

Dr. Morroy will be talking about the achievements of Carinlangs, the upcoming visit of the University of Guyana staff to second mark the Carinlangs action research poster exhibition and future plans for the institution.

Do tell your friends and others interested in the BA Tesol program.

A second batch of the one-year capstone program is scheduled to begin on April 13.

Carinlangs is a teaching institution based in Suriname. It is conducting programs to give students the opportunity to work world wide as teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

Carinlangs offers part time courses for the BA TESOL and MA TESOL at the AlphaMax educational complex -18-24 Stanvastastraat , Parimaribo, Suriname

The Carinlang Mission
Celebrating Suriname's excellence in education, linguistic wealth and cultural diversity Carinlanga aims to be the leading institution in the Caribbean promoting the teaching of English to other speakers.Our graduates will be equipped with the most practical teaching techniques as well as having an extremely wide exposure to cultural experiences.

Friday, January 16, 2015

E-Learning as effective as traditional medical training

LONDON (Reuters) - Millions more students worldwide could train as doctors and nurses using electronic learning, which is just as effective as traditional medical training, a review commissioned by the World Health Organization has found.

Researchers at Imperial College London who conducted the review said on Monday that wider use of e-learning might help make up for a global shortfall of 7.2 million health workers identified in a recent WHO report.

Josip Car, who led the study, said that the use of electronic media and devices in education - already used by many universities and workplaces to allow "distance learning" to support campus- or office-based teaching - could enable greater access to education, especially in poorer countries where the need for health professionals is greatest.

He said the barriers were mostly in access to computers and Internet connections.

Car's team carried out a systematic review of 108 existing studies to assess the effectiveness of e-learning for undergraduate health professional education.

They also conducted separate analyses looking at online learning, requiring an internet connection, and offline learning, delivered using CD-ROMs or USB sticks, for example.

They found that students gain knowledge and skills through online and offline eLearning as well as or better than they do through traditional teaching.

(Reporting by Kate Kelland; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

Indian Americans dominate US Science Fair

As many as 73 Indian-Americans figure among 300 high school seniors named semifinalists in the , America’s oldest and most prestigious pre-college science and math competition.

Each semifinalist receives a $1,000 award from the Intel Foundation with an additional $1,000 going to his or her school, resulting in $600,000 in total semifinalist awards.
Semifinalists were selected from more than 1,800 entrants hailing from 460 high schools in 41 states, Puerto Rico, and five American and international high schools overseas.

On Jan 21, 40 of the 300 semifinalists will be named Intel Science Talent Search finalists. Finalists will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, DC from March 5-11, where they will compete for more than $1 million in awards.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

AlphaMax mentioned in GAC Newsletter

AlphaMax Academy was mentioned in GAC's newsletter to its 150 Pathway Universities across the world.
The item is reproduced below.
AlphaMax GAC graduate achieves a first for Suriname: A perfect GAC GPA of 4.0
June 28, 2014: Dux of AlphaMax Academy, Reann Kersenhout, has achieved a GAC GPA of 4.0 and the honour of being the first GAC student in Suriname to gain a perfect score. According to Sean Taylor, Principal of AlphaMax Academy, Reann’s achievements are not only academic.
Reann -Graduation 2014
“We are proud of Reann. … On Republic Day in February, she presented a gift from the school to the National Memorial collection and gave an inspiring speech on the occasion of Suriname’s memorial to Nelson Mandela,” he said.
Reann and most of her fellow GAC graduates are planning to take a gap year and start university in September 2015.
Reann playing the steel pan with Pan Master Kenton Wyatt
Note: One member of Reann's class Michael Grauwde is at the University of West Virginia joining his brother Gabriel, another GAC graduate from AlphaMAx Academy. Gabriel is in his third year at University.