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The ACT® test is America’s most widely accepted college entrance exam. It covers four skill areas - English, mathematics, reading and science. An optional writing test includes planning and writing an essay.

ACT test preparation is included in the GAC to familiarize you with the content and format of this test and allow you to prepare for this exam. Your ACT score is an internationally recognized benchmark of academic achievement that is recognized by ALL U.S. universities.

There are 5 international dates per year when the test is held. The test is held on the same dates, wherever it is held. It is not possible to sit the ACT on dates other than these 5 dates. Choose the test date that is best for you.
  • Test DateRegistration Deadline
    September 21, 2013 (new)August 23, 2013
    October 26, 2013September 27, 2013
    December 14, 2013November 8, 2013
    April 12, 2014March 7, 2014
    June 14, 2014May 9, 2014

Registration instructions

All students testing outside the United States, U.S. territories, Puerto Rico, or Canada must register on the Web. You must establish a free ACT Web account in order to register. After providing the information requested to create the account, click the "Register to Test" link and follow the instructions on the Web screens to complete your registration. Payment must be made by valid credit card.
AlphaMax Academy is a registered ACT test center in Suriname.
Visit the ACT student site where you can register for the test, view your scores, send your scores to a university, and download free test questions and other information about the test.

IELTS and TOEFL -Comparison

Both tests are tests of Academic English used for acceptance into university. Both tests include Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The IELTS includes a Speaking component conducted in a real interview situation with a trained examiner. The TOEFL test is either paper-based or internet-based. In the internet-based test, the Speaking test is done by speaking into a microphone which is recorded and scored.
The IELTS Test is more commonly used for admission into universities in Australia and the U.K. The TOEFL test has been more commonly used for U.S. universities, but the IELTS test is now recognized in the U.S. as well. Check the test dates and availability of the tests at the TOEFL (opens new window) and IELTS (opens new window) websites.
AlphaMax Academy is an IELTS test center and has conducted tests since November 2011. We attempt to attract at least 12 students per test. So far we have conducted tests in November. We did have enough candidates for a test last year March.
So far AlphaMax Students have performed at the higher levels in the IELTS scale.

What is most important in applying for university: GAC GPA, ACT scores or IELTS / TOEFL scores?

Universities have two entry requirements. One is for academic results (GAC GPA, high school and ACT scores) and the other is for English level (IELTS or TOEFL, ACT English score or GAC English modules score). Both entry requirements must be met. However, if your academic results are high enough but your English level is a little low, many universities will offer you a conditional enrollment. This means that you are accepted into their course but must first complete an extra English course.

ACE credit recommendations for the GAC modules

The American Council on Education’s ( College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) recommended college credit for 13 of the GAC program modules in September 2012. ACE found 13 GAC modules to be equivalent to associate’s degree–level subjects at US colleges and universities. Each was recommended for 3 semester credit hours, up to a total of 39 credit hours.

Information on how each module is recommended for credit is available from ACE’s National Guide,[24] searching under the organization’s name.
GAC Module Number Recommended number of credit hours in associate’s degree category
GAC005     3 semester hours in computer information systems
GAC006  3 semester hours in communications
GAC010  3 semester hours in introduction to probability, statistics, and business problem solving
GAC011  3 semester hours in computer information systems
GAC012  3 semester hours in introduction to business
GAC014  3 semester hours in communication
GAC015  3 semester hours in reading comprehension or reading and writing
GAC016  3 semester hours in calculus
GAC017  3 semester hours in Web design
GAC022  3 semester hours in international business
GAC023  3 semester hours in life sciences
GAC027  3 semester hours in sociology
GAC028  3 semester hours in sociology
Source: Wikipedia
GAC and AlphaMax Seminar in 2010

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reann Kersenhout addresses Suriname on Republic Day

AlphaMax Academy Senior student Reann Kersenhout was honored to be selected to speak to the nation on Republic night.

Reann Kersenhout performing in AMA DVD
She was one of three speakers and spoke immediately before President Desi Bouterse.
She broke with tradition by speaking in three languages - Saran Tongo, English and Dutch. Her speech was mainly in the first two languages.
Her speech was greeted with loud applause and she got the entire audience to get up and hold hands as a gesture of national solidarity.

In his speech, President Desi Bouterse had a warning to the US ambassador to desist from his efforts to influence the next elections in Suriname. Speaking in Dutch he said that if the Ambassador needed to know exactly what he meant he would ask the young lady who spoke before him to explain to the Ambassador in English.

This is Reann's second major speech on the national stage. She also delivered a stirring call to Surinamese to forgive the past and move forward in the way Mandela showed on the evening when the nation commemorated Nelson Mandela's passing last November.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rupununi Arts Festival Successful

THE three-day Rupununi Music and Arts Festival had an auspicious start at the Rock View Lodge in the Annai community of Region 9 on Friday.
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds opened the event. He welcomed  the performers which included artists from across the world .
Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali trying his hand at drumming
Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali trying his hand at drumming
These performers included Marc Mathews (spoken word) and Keith Waithe (jazz & world flautist) Chuckie’ (Marlon Adams) and the Buxton Children’s group, Fusion African drumming, Raghu’s Indian Tassa drummers, Ras Camo, Indus Voices & Dance Words, Trevor Rogers, Desmond Atherly, Desmond Atiwell and the Surama Cultural Group.
International performers included Zambian Namvula, Filligar (USA), Iryna Muha (UK/Ukraine), Ramon Goose (UK), Pavel Ván (Czech Republic), Aref Durvesh (UK),and Drew Gonsalves (Canada via Trinidad)
The Prime Minister mentioned that the selection of Guyana as one of the top 21 places to visit in 2014 by the prestigious National Geographic Traveler Magazine should encourage our tourism endeavours.He presented$5M cheque to the organisers as a show of government’s support for the inaugural event.
For Tourism Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali, the event was about being able to experience global music. “Music is one of the most beautiful forms of bringing people together, cultures together, and having humanity embracing one another.”
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali and Mrs Yvonne Hinds dancing along with an indigenous group
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali and Mrs Yvonne Hinds dancing along with an indigenous group

Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett saw the festival as a unique way to showcase the interior of Guyana. It will also benefit surrounding indigenous communities.
Two international artistes performing
Two international artistes performing

Co-ordinator Colin Edwards thanked all the entities that made the festival possible, the government, the Ministries of Tourism and Amerindian Affairs, embassies, local banks and the many private sponsors.
Annai’s toshao, Mark George, also welcomed the hundreds of visitors and urged them to enjoy what he termed as, “the most beautiful part of Guyana”. He asked them to encourage others to come and experience what the community has to offer.
Brazilian performers
Brazilian performers

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Evernote for creative writing.

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Caribbean nations sue for reparations.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

AMA Christmas show will be on December 18 at 7 pm

The school's Christmas presentation will be held in our gym next Wednesday at 7pm.
It will be an evening of outstanding drama, music, song and dance from all  sections of the school from Kindergarten to Grade 13.
Do come and join us in ushering a season of love and joy in Suriname.
May we, at the end of this year forgive ourselves and others for past trauma. May we express our gratitude for our beautiful country and for the gifts it has given to us.